SQI Special Blends is a collection of blended waxes that is either application specific or a low cost alternative to their counterparts. To ensure that our waxes are of the consistent quality, we have a well equipped modern laboratory with facilities such as Gas Chromatography and Digital Scanning Calorimetry to assure customer satisfaction. SQI Special Blends - For Candle Application
SQI Wax 240 - S/R paraffin wax alternative
SQI Wax 243 - Low cost paraffin wax alternative, one process type
SQI Wax 249 - Low cost paraffin wax alternative
SQI Wax 628 - 100% Stearin for Pillar, Votive, Ball candles
SQI Wax 629 - 100% Stearin for Tealight candles
SQI Wax 740 - Wax for Jar candle
SQI Wax 760 - Natural Wax for Jar Candle
Please email us for more details on your candle production demands.

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